Texas Police Find Missing Ferret and Take the Most 90s Glamour Shot Ever

Posted by Mateja Lane
glamour shot

Glamour shots by Deb.

Cops have a sense of humor more often than not.

Like when the Suffield Police made an announcement not to open doors to any strange cows when they took this picture.

cows on doorstep

Or when Oconee County Police in Georgia had to corral a runaway llama on the freeway and became "llama whisperers."

But the Leander Police Department in Texas just upped the ante with this photo they shared on their Facebook.

Frank the ferret was found in Cedar Park earlier this week. Originally, Frankie was not reunited with his family and the Leander Police Department took it upon themselves to get Frankie adopted.

After taking this incredible photo that had all the officers nostalgic for their high school days, Frankie was picked up by his family and is now back at home.

The officers wanted people to know that Frankie is friendly, cuddly, and loves long walks since he is even leash trained. It proves that ferrets can make good pets!

And Frankie will live forever in the hearts of the officers at Leander Police Department because we are hoping this photo goes on the wall.

What do you think of this creative glamour shot? Tell us in the comments below!

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