Texas Rattler Season Begins as Police Warn Pet Owners

Posted by Mateja Lane
cat and rattlesnake

Rattlers are becoming more active in South Texas. 

The Laguna Vista Police Department posted a public service announcement warning residents and pet owners that rattlesnake season is here. They found a huge rattler while walking the Bay Area trail with the Laguna Vista Birders.


They are reminding residents to be aware when they are walking any trails. Rattlesnakes hibernate during the winter but begin to emerge in March and April when the temperatures start to rise.


Rattlesnakes need warm temperatures to warm their blood and are most active when temperature reach 80-90 degrees F. They are starting to emerge now during the middle of the day and afternoons but will be more active during the mornings and evenings come summer.


They are also warning pet owners to supervise their pets when outdoors. The LVPD caught a cat face to face with a rattler.

cat and rattler

The cat has since been dubbed the "Fearless Laguna Vista Cat!"

Be snake aware as summer approaches!

Have you ever encountered a snake with your dog on the trail? Has your cat? Tell us in the comments below.

Images via Laguna Vista Police Department/Facebook

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Texas Rattler Season Begins as Police Warn Pet Owners