Texas Man Returns to Flood Zone for Guinea Pigs and Guns

Posted by Jason Sarna
Hurricane Harvey
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I need my guns and my guineas!

In a scurry to evacuate his flooding home in the northeast Houston community of Kingwood, Stewart Lawrence left behind his guns and his son's prized pets: two guinea pigs named Jenny and Penny.

"My son was a little devastated when I told him I'd left them behind," said Lawrence, after he was able to return to his flooded home and rescue the pets. "They're a little traumatized."

Lawrence also made sure to rescue his seven rifles, which he worried would have been found by looters.

"I've got one for every occasion," said the 56-year-old retiree of his arsenal. "This is Texas."

As more people return to the flood zone to rescue their pets and other possessions they left behind, some might not be so lucky. As Lawerence had said, looting is a real concern, as in once instance, a home was looted while the body of a Harvey victim was still inside. Also, some pets may have died in the floodwaters or took off on their own to fend for themselves.

Thousands of people and animals have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. As people return to their homes, we wish them all - and their pets - the best.

What are the two most important belongings you would take with you if you had to evacuate your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Texas Man Returns to Flood Zone for Guinea Pigs and Guns