Texas Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After Abandoning Dog on Video

Posted by Krissy Howard

A man from Dallas, Texas has turned himself in to authorities after video surveillance caught him abandoning his dog on the side of the road.

In early August, video surveillance captured footage of a man pulling up to the side of a road, opening the back door of his car, pulling out a dog by collar and chain, and driving away.

A month later, that same man - identified as Gorge Spears - turned himself in to authorities after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Watch the surveillance video below:

Spears claimed he abandoned the dog, who belonged to his sister, because he thought she would have a better chance outside than in a shelter.

Thankfully, the dog was found by rescuers just nine hours after she was abandoned by Spears. The dog's chain was wrapped around a fallen tree branch, preventing her from moving.

Eventually, the dog ended up in the care of the SPCA of Texas, where she met her new forever family after only a month.

"She was so sweet; we both knew we had to get her," Regan Henderson told Today of the moment she and her boyfriend Zachary San Roman met the dog, who was then known as Claira-Belle.

With a new family and a new name, KD, this pup is finally getting the proper care and love she deserves!

To keep up with all of KD's adventures, you can follow along on Instagram.

Did you adopt your dog? If so, what's your dog's story? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Texas Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After Abandoning Dog on Video