Texas Humane Heroes Is Using Pokemon Go to Promote Adoption

Posted by Paige Cerulli

One creative shelter is using the popularity of Pokemon Go to encourage people to adopt dogs. 

The revival of Pokemon thanks to the new Pokemon Go game is also affecting the pet world. Dogs are probably getting more exercise than ever before as their owners rack up their steps to catch new Pokemon.

Three brothers and their mother, while out playing Pokemon Go, rescued a dog desperately in need of help. You can even raise money for animal shelters while playing Pokemon Go. While these benefits probably weren't what the game creators had in mind, it's great to see pets benefiting from this popular game.

Finding homes for animals in need can be a challenge, especially as shelters grow overcrowded. That's why Texas Humane Heroes helps to find homes for dogs and cats that have been rescued from overcrowded shelters.

Spreading the news about these pets in need of homes is important, and a little creativity can also help to catch the attention of a potential adoptive family. That's why Texas Humane Heroes put Pokemon popularity to work to help drive adoptions.

Are you hit with Pokemania? Adopting a dog will give you a new companion to keep you company as you head out on your daily exploration to find Pokemon. Walking your dog is a great way to give you both exercise, and if you're careful, you can even play your game at the same time.

However, be cautioned: People playing this game are often heavily distracted, and have caused accidents. When you have your dog along with you, you need to pay attention to where your dog is, what he is doing, and where you're both walking. Remember, your first priority is you and your dog's safety. Then you can worry about finding a Pikachu.

If you're thinking about adopting a dog, visit your local animal shelter or rescue. Chances are there are many dogs who are waiting for their forever homes.

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Texas Humane Heroes Is Using Pokemon Go to Promote Adoption