Texas Family Reunited with Terrier After Seven Years Thanks to Microchip

Posted by Mateja Lane

Here is proof that properly identifying your pet is imperative. 

In 2009, the Montez family lived in Decatur, Texas when their terrier Corky went missing. The family searched the north Texas city for six months before they moved to Fort Worth.

The Montez family had to make the move without Corky and they feared they would never see their little dog again.

Seven years after Corky went missing the Montez family got a call from the Humane Society of North Texas. Corky was found with two other stray dogs on a highway median and his microchip proved his ownership. One dog was injured and didn't survive, but the other stray went to the shelter with Corky.

The Montez family were tracked down and notified.

"We looked for Corky for about six months before we moved, and we knew he was microchipped and he had a collar, so we were just waiting for one day he would come home. So we were very excited," Kimberly Montez said.

The family was reunited with Corky and decided to adopt the other dog found with Corky on the highway. Now the Montez family has been made more full adding two more dogs to their home in Fort Worth.

Make sure your loved pets are microchipped, tattooed, or at least have a collar with your contact information. You never know when it could help you be reunited, even seven years later!

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Texas Family Reunited with Terrier After Seven Years Thanks to Microchip