12 Texas Dog Products That Show Your Dog Is from The Lone Star State

Posted by Mateja Lane

Everything is bigger in Texas, even dog toys. 

Everybody is proud of their state, but Texans are somehow prouder. Anything having to do with The Lone Star State has a place in a Texas home. From Texas tattoos to jewelry, Texans show their love for their neck of the woods loud and proud.

And pet owners are not left out of the Texas fan club. Even dogs can show their state pride with these Texas products.

Prairie Dog Texas Sausages

Prairie Dog Texas SausagesAny Texas dog would be happy to eat these beef and sweet potato treats. It's a plus that this jerky is made with 100% natural ingredients and made in the USA. There is no added wheat, corn, soy, or byproducts. A Texan pup is a healthy pup!

Buy a bag for $12.79.

Texas State Flag Dog Collar

Texas state flag dog collar

Every Texan pup needs to proudly sport the Lone Star! When you go to the dog park there will be no question where this dog calls home in the United States. Made of tough polyester with a plastic buckle, these vibrant Texas colors will look great on all breeds!

Get this collar for $14.99.

Texas Flag Dog Tag

Texas dog tag

Every dog should have some sort of identification. A dog tag and a microchip are imperative! If your dog gets lost, or someone wants to know your pup's name they'll be delighted to see he's from Texas. And who knows, maybe you'll meet a fellow Texan too!

Buy this custom-engraved dog tag for $8

Texas Star Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set

Texas Star Leather collar and leash

This fancy leather collar and leash set has all the bling any Texan will love. The turquoise rivets alternate with the Texas Star Conchos to complete this beautiful leash and collar set.

Walk your pup with Texas pride for only $24.53.

Wish U Were Here Texas Dog Squeak Toy

Wish U Were Here Texas dog toyThis toy, roughly in the shape of Texas, has all the Texas essentials. From horseshoes to cowboy boots to armadillos, this toy has it all embroidered, complete with a squeaker.

Fetch this toy for $16.95.

Longhorns Bone with Rope Dog Toy

Texas Longhorns bone with rope dog toy

Is your dog a Longhorns fan? Then they need this toy to show his pride. Alternatively, if your dog is an A&M diehard than you can give this toy to them to rip apart!

Hook 'Em Horns for $9.99

Texas A&M Double Ball Dog Toy with Rope

Texas A&M dog toy

To complete the Longhorn/Aggie household, here is a Texas A&M dog toy. Your college friends will all be proudly throwing this around the dog park and all the other dog owners will know there is an Aggie in their midst.

Get this rope toy for $7.99

"Best Hikes with Dogs Texas Hill Country and Coast"

Best Hikes with Dogs Texas Hill Country and Gulf Coast

Texans love their outdoor spaces and so do Texas dogs! This book outlines all the best hikes near Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. It also gives great tips on what to pack for your dog on hikes and how to make your own doggy first-aid kit!

Buy this paperback for $12.20 and hit the Texas trails!

Texas Flag Dog Bandana

Texas flag bandanaWear your Texas love loud and proud with this dog bandana. You can steal it to wear if you want too. This distressed Texas print is proudly made here in the USA and will be a unique touch to your dog's everyday attire.

Get this bandana for $14.95.

Don't Mess with Texas Dog Tank Top

Don't Mess with Texas Dog Tank Top

Make sure your dog sports the Texan slogan on his back. Don't mess with Texas! The tank is prewashed so you don't need to fear shrinkage when it goes into the laundry. It's also made proudly in the USA, the way Texas products should be!

Scoop this shirt for $24.21

Texas-Shaped Dog Bowl

Texas shaped dog bowlNestled between New Rexico, Chewlisiana, Fidoklahoma and Barkansas lives the great Texas dog. And he needs an appropriately-shaped porcelain dog bowl.

Your four-legged Texan will love his new bowl. It costs $27.99.

Texas Dog Bed

Texas Dog Bed Texas DOg Bed

It doesn't matter where your dog is from in Texas because all the cities are included on this cool dog bed. Your pooch will be sleeping pretty on this fleece-topped pillow filled with polyester. The cover is machine-washable.

Buy this for your Texas dog for $99.74

There is absolutely no shame in wearing the love of your state right on your sleeve. Texans are not shy of showing they're from The Lone Star State and neither should their dogs!

Show them a little love by buying them some new toys and products that show their love for Texas too!

What do you think of these dog products? Are you from Texas? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 Texas Dog Products That Show Your Dog Is from The Lone Star State