Texas Dog Has Lots of Scars But the Biggest Heart

Posted by Krissy Howard
Facebook via Dallas DogRRR

A young bully breed boy who has suffered tremendous abuse isn't letting his past determine his future.

For a pitty pup named Homer, life hasn't been easy.

At less than two years old, Homer has already endured enormous abuse, as evident by the head full of wounds and scars he came in with when Dallas DogRRR, a Texas-based rescue organization, pulled him off the streets and set him on a path toward recovery.

According to a Facebook post shared on the organization's page, the forever home Homer was set to live fell through at the last minute, landing this sweet pup back on the market.

The Facebook post reads:

"He has his luggage packed and is ready to travel wherever his new mommy or daddy awaits!"

!!SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!So Homer was supposed to already have a new forever home and a new forever bed, until it...

Posted by Dallas DogRRR - Rescue.Rehab.Reform on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

In addition to getting Homer neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, Dallas DogRRR helped get him three surgeries, all of which were needed to help him recover from the physical abuse inflicted upon him.

Although his physical pain is behind him, the emotional damage still tends to show through, as Homer will sometimes flinch when a hand is reached out toward him. Rescuers, however, are confident this behavior will mend over time.

The Facebook post states:

"He lets you take food and toys from him without issue, he loves all people of all size and gender, and he loves all the snuggles you have time for."

Despite all he has been through, Homer sounds like the perfect dog for the right person. Housebroken (within reason), snuggly (in true pit bull fashion), and crate trained, this 65-pound baby even loves to play dress up!

You can witness the progress Homer has made in the photos shared in the group's Facebook post above, which go to show, yet again, the importance of rescue and foster efforts everywhere.

For a list of all the dogs and cats available through Dallas DogRRR, you can visit their adoptable pets page here.

Has your rescue pet made a major recovery since joining your family? Tell us in the comments!

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Texas Dog Has Lots of Scars But the Biggest Heart