Texas Shelter Uses Social Media to Help with Dog Adoption Missed Connection

Posted by Mateja Lane

Although the misconnection didn't pan out, the post got lots of attention. 

Guinness was a dog at Williamson County Regional Shelter in Georgetown, Texas looking for a home last week. A sweet Shepherd-mix, Guinness almost found his home when a nice blonde lady from Austin came and spent some quality time with him. She left that day without the dog but her information was saved with the shelter on a sticky note. And that's where the misconnection began.

When the blonde lady, later found out to be Sarah Layne, returned the next day, Guinness had been adopted. But the family who took Guinness home had to return him due to unknown allergies. Guinness was back at the shelter by the end of the weekend.

The shelter immediately remembered Sarah Layne but couldn't find the sticky note with her information anywhere. So they turned to social media to broadcast the misconnection.

Dear nice blonde lady-if you still want to adopt me- I'm here. Love, Guinness.

Even the local news picked up the story.

The story got lots of attention, and Guinness was adopted. But not by the mystery blonde!

Sarah Layne eventually posted to the Facebook feed, not realizing that Guinness and their story was now locally famous.

Guinness has a happy home now, and the story has a good ending; all thanks to a Craigslist-style misconnection. Although Guinness never connected with the nice blonde lady, he had people lining up after seeing his sweet story and was adopted quickly after his moment of fame.

The shelter told Sarah Layne they have plenty more sweet pups up for adoption!

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Texas Shelter Uses Social Media to Help with Dog Adoption Missed Connection