Texas Cowboys Rescue Horses as Flood Waters Rise in Pen

Posted by Mateja Lane

The horse was terrified but these cowboys were there to help. 

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on southeast Texas, dropping 40 inches of rain on Houston alone with more rain in the forecast. 10 people have died in the most catastrophic storm the country has seen in a while, if not the most ever.

But even with extreme, life-threatening danger, some hardy Texans are putting themselves in harm's way to help the animals left behind in the chaos of evacuation. The animals that most need help now are livestock and farm animals that were left behind.

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Here is an example of people staying behind and making sure their animals get to higher ground safely. Father and son Chance and Rowdy Ward are proving they're Texas strong in the video that is making its way around the world.

As the water rises in the horse pen, Rowdy opens the gate, wrenching it into the fast current. As Rowdy leads the horse in the water clear over the back of the "barely halter-broken" horse, Chance keeps filming.

It's a video that represents the hardiness and steadfast nature of Texan cowboys, and as Chance says;

Don't let your kids grow up to be cowboys...but that's all he knows. 

It's an incredible video and they go off to help more horses and ponies get to high ground.

Another video literally shows the cowboy crew riding off into the sunset in water reaching well over the saddle to look for more people or animals that need help.

There have been some incredible stories of neighbors helping neighbors with the resources they have on hand. Huge support has come through for the Tall Tails Animal Rescue in Harvey, Texas, while these teenagers took their power boat and rescued families, their pets, and even a bunny enclosure. A young Austin man drove down to Corpus Christi to save two dogs from a shelter, and these incredibly brave firefighters saved this stranded horse from rising floodwaters.

In times of hardship people's true characters shine through, and these cowboys are proving their hearts of gold. God speed and be careful in those waters, boys.

Tell us some amazing stories you've heard about Hurricane Harvey in the comments below!

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Texas Cowboys Rescue Horses as Flood Waters Rise in Pen