Texas City Council Votes to Find New Home for Library Cat Mascot

Posted by Mateja Lane

The city council is giving Browser the library cat 30 days to find a new home. 

Browser has been a staple of the public library in White Settlement, Texas for the past six years. The Forth Worth governing council has since voted that the cat be removed from the library and find a new home.

The Mayor of the small north Texas town says that the vote was spiteful since a City Hall employee wasn't allowed to bring their new puppy to work.

618 residents of White Settlement have signed a petition to reinstate Browser as the library mascot, and are even suggesting a city-wide vote come November.

"This is not just a cat, it's like a family pet," says former Councilman Alan Price.

Browser White/Facebook

The vote was a sudden one when Councilman Elzie Clements declared "City Hall and city businesses are no place for animals," and proceeded to call a vote which ended in a mere 2-1 majority.

You can follow Browser and his fans' efforts on his Facebook page. It remains to be seen if the petition has any effect on the decision to remove the cat.

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