How Well Do You Know Your Horse Terminology? [QUIZ]

Posted by Stacey Venzel

What's the difference between a filly, colt, and foal?

To be the next horse whisperer, you better stay up to speed with your horse terminology. A lot of labels are thrown around the barnyard.

There's "thoroughbred," the term for racehorse, sometimes also used to refer to a purebred. There's "stud," referring to a male horse used for breeding. Don't forget the noble "steed," a traditional fairy tale and war horse term describing spirited stallions.

Wait... stallions? Now what is that?

When it comes to age and gender, how well can you differentiate between equine terms?

Whether you're a breeder, a stablehand, an equestrian, or just a plain horse enthusiast, you'll want to test your horse knowledge with this quick quiz below:

How well did you do? For many horse lovers, the quiz is a no-brainer piece of cake. But for some people it's more difficult, because a horse is just a horse.

Practice using the proper horse terms around the farm. Pretty soon, you'll have a new vocabulary that doesn't just refer to horses as baby, adult, male, or female!

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How Well Do You Know Your Horse Terminology? [QUIZ]