Terrier Manages to Crash Owner's Car into West Virginia Walmart

Posted by Mateja Lane

The driver of the vehicle that rolled into the side of a Walmart in Wayne County, West Virginia was a Terrier.

Walmart shoppers on Friday afternoon witnessed quite the spectacle as they watched a car slowly roll into the side of the building with a Terrier in the driver's seat.

The Terrier's owner had left the car running to keep the air conditioning on as she went inside to grab a few things. That's when the dog somehow knocked the car into gear and it rolled into the side of the building.

"Only in Wayne County could something like that happen," shopper Tiffany Bowen said.

The building had minimal damage and neither of the dogs in the car had any injuries; one of the dogs even rolled the window down and jumped out when people investigated the ghost car. But the story of the runaway dogs quickly got national attention.

No official report was filed against the dog owner but many experts have chimed in saying that it is not a good idea to leave the car running with your dogs inside.

They will likely do anything to get your attention if they are ready to leave.

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