Ten Years in Chains: Judith's Incredible Rescue Story

Posted by TF Oren

Grab a Kleenex...or five. You're going to need them. 

Judith was a prisoner. Chained in a yard, she lived in her own filth for ten years. Severely matted and arthritic, the senior dog had no shelter, no bed, no toys, and rarely received food. Her owners, who were often seen urinating on her from the porch, treated her as a piece of trash.

Neighbors complained to the BC SPCA for a decade about Judith's miserable living conditions. But their efforts were to no avail. The SPCA did nothing for Judith, and her living nightmare dragged on.

Finally, a distraught neighbor could no longer stand by and watch Judith suffer. The concerned neighbor contacted Animal Advocates Society of BC  (AAS) to see what could be done.

When AAS arrived on the scene one snowy night, they found Judith lying in the frozen mud. And just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse for Judith, her luck changed.

Once AAS took custody of Judith, her transformation began. She received veterinary care, grooming, proper nutrition, and perhaps most importantly, a whopping dose of old-fashioned TLC.

Fortunately, Judith enjoyed 18 months of life in a loving forever home before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Sadly, Judith's story isn't unique. There are thousands more Judiths out there, waiting for a glimmer of hope. If you'd like to help Animal Advocates Society assist more animals in need, you can donate here.

If you're thinking of adding a nonhuman family member to your pack, adopt- don't shop. Animal rescue changes lives. And consider adopting a senior pet, like Judith. Those sweet gray faces have no shortage of love to give.

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Ten Years in Chains: Judith's Incredible Rescue Story