10 Backyard Chickens Looking Fashionable in Egg-cessories

Posted by Daphne Cybele
chicken accessory
Photo: The Unexpected Farmer

These feathered ladies and gents are the talk of the coop and sitting pretty in their nest boxes.

From rooster bow ties to aprons for hens, here are some fashionable fowl looking fine in their egg-cessories.

Your chicken may have a great coop, be well-stocked with all manner of chicken supplies, chicken waterers, a nesting box or two, have plenty of roosts, feeders, fencing, poultry feeders, pest control, a heat lamp or Brinsea Ecoglow for baby chicks and other new products, BUT is your chicken really and truly complete without some of this charming chicken attire?

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Curious? Doubtful? Will you or your chickens venture bravely into the world of chicken accessories? Are you wondering how exactly to put an outfit or any of these accessories on your fowls? Here are some chickies donning egg-cessories and videos to prove their worth. After all, knowledge is power, right? Fashion power!

1. Bowtie for your gentleman rooster.

chicken accessories
Photo: used with permission of NoCrowRoosterCollars.com

2. An apron for every hen!

chicken accessory
Photo: J E Theriot on Flickr

3. Chicken harness for afternoon strolls. 

chicken accessories
Photo: My San Antonio

Get your own chicken harness at My Pet Chicken. Watch this video from Anavo Ranch for how to put a harness on your chicken and how to take a stroll.

4. Cuddle up in a chic chicken sweater.

chicken accessory
Photo: The Whoot

5. Hats are so haute in fowl fashion.

chicken accessory
Photo: Knit Hacker

Here is a pattern to knit your own chicken hat!

6. Knit your own Easter best.

chicken accessories
Photo: Craftsy

7. Swaddle that twaddle with a chicken diaper.

chicken accesory
Photo: My Pet Chicken

Here's how it works.

8. Is your chicken leading a charmed life?

Photo: Meyer Hatchery

9. Care for a swing?

Photo: Meyer Hatchery

10. And for you: the egg pocket apron.

Photo: Heart Hook Home

And finally, treat your chickens well.  Please, avoid "accessorizing" mistakes shown by the man below...

bad accessorizing
That's no way to hold a chicken or to accessorize! Photo: Tengrain on Flickr

Whether you think these chicken accessories are totally ridiculous or fabulous and sublime, we want to hear from you. Would you use any of these chicken accessories and chicken supplies on your pet chickens, or do you already?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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10 Backyard Chickens Looking Fashionable in Egg-cessories