Teeny Tiny Pup Is Smallest Dog Ever Adopted from Wisconsin Shelter

Posted by Amber King
tiny chihuahua puppy

The Wisconsin Humane Society celebrated a record-breaking adoption when a family fell in love with a pint-sized cutie.

When a Chihuahua named Thumbelina was surrendered to the Wisconsin Humane Society in November, she weighed less than a pound. She was only a few weeks old, but her current family could no longer care for her. They brought her to the shelter in hopes of finding her a good home.

Thumbelina was put into foster care as she waited for her forever family. Today, she's three months old and weighs only 1.54 pounds. She has to play with cat toys because tennis balls are bigger than her head, and an eight-week-old kitten is double her size. But she hasn't let her small stature keep her from enjoying life.

The pint-sized pup loves running and playing, and it wasn't long until a family fell in love with her. Friends of Thumbelina's fosters automatically knew their family was 1.54 pounds away from being complete. Thumbelina was the perfect fit.

When the adoption was finalized, Angela Speed from the Wisconsin Humane Society said;

"Thumbelina is definitely the smallest dog ever adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society."

She's still a puppy, but Thumbelina isn't expected to grow any bigger than two pounds. She fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and her new family is prepared to be extra careful because of her fragile frame. When you're that small, it's easy to be stepped on or carried away by other animals.

But Thumbelina is in the good hands of experienced animal adopters who are excited to give her the good home she deserves. Her new mom, Jenny Stache, told Fox 6 Milwaukee:

"We're over the moon about our family getting a wee bit bigger today. We have another Chihuahua from WHS, and we just adore her and know they'll be great friends."

What do you think about the Wisconsin Humane Society's record-breaking pup? Let us know in the comments below.

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Teeny Tiny Pup Is Smallest Dog Ever Adopted from Wisconsin Shelter