This Teen's Prom Date Is Meow-Tastic

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Images via Sam Steingard/Facebook

Not many cats can say that they've been someone's prom date, but Ruby the cat sure can - and she was an adorable date, too!

When Sam Steingard, a 17-year-old high schooler from Germantown, Maryland, found himself without a prom date, he decided to get creative. After all, going to prom solo isn't something that many people like to do. Turns out, Steingard had a perfectly beautiful date who would be happy to go to the prom with him: his cat, Ruby.

Now don't worry - Ruby didn't actually travel to the prom. Proms aren't the most cat-friendly places, after all, and Steingard didn't want her to get frightened or hurt. But Ruby most certainly did get dressed up.

The cat wore a beautiful pink dress and matching hot pink sneakers on her hind paws. She also posed with Steingard for pictures at his family's home, and the adoring look on her face clearly reveals just what she thinks of her handsome date.


prom 1

While proms are special events in any high schooler's life, they're really only as special as the friends and date that you enjoy them with.

Steingard has ensured that his date is one that he'll never forget, and who will continue to love him unconditionally long after the event has ended.

Images via Sam Steingard/Facebook

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This Teen's Prom Date Is Meow-Tastic