Teenagers Use Power Boat to Save People and Pets in Houston, Including Bunnies

Posted by Amber King
teenagers saving bunny in Texas flood
Twitter/Mark Mulligan

When lives are in danger, race, religion, and even species doesn't matter.

Texas residents spent the weekend hoping Hurricane Harvey would pass quickly, but remnants of the storm are still putting lives at risk. Flood water continues to rise, and areas that were previously safe have been submerged by a combination of relentless rain and the opening of the city's dams. People are trapped in their homes, dogs are tethered to trees, and countless other animals have been left behind.

Traversing the flooded area without a boat is impossible, but those who can float are doing their  part to help those in need. Fifteen-year-old Declan and a group of his friends are among the rescuers. Mark Mulligan, a photojournalist at Houston Chronicle, posted videos of Declan and his team on Twitter. The footage shows their small boat floating down neighborhood streets where they risk running into cars that have been submerged by the water.

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They've been helping residents of Meyerland since Sunday. They've helped mothers get their children to safety, but their rescue efforts aren't limited to people on two legs. The teens are also saving animals that would have otherwise drowned in the high water.

In one of their most notable rescues, they worked together to carry a large rabbit kennel off the boat and through the water to higher ground. There's no word on where the bunnies came from or if they've been reunited with their owners, but thanks to Declan and his crew, they at least have a fighting chance to keep their heads above water.


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Teenagers Use Power Boat to Save People and Pets in Houston, Including Bunnies