Techno Chicken Busts Some Major Moves

Posted by Stacey Venzel

This avian gives "Chicken Dance" a whole new meaning.

Every wedding, school dance and party plays the Chicken Dance over the stereo. We know how to flap our wings and waddle no matter our age. But chickens, well, they never really seemed to catch on when the music played.

Until now.

Techno Chicken has made a name for himself by clucking and two-stepping his way around a red-and-blue disco floor. We don't know about you, but this is one rave we wouldn't mind attending.

Animals can be trained to dance purely for entertainment purposes. But some pets dance to communicate. The honey bee waggle dance is an incredibly complicated choreography in which worker bees relay information to the hive about the quality and location of nectar.

Many species also have a mating ritual that is rhythmically artistic. Male guinea pigs, for example, purr and wiggle their rear ends back and forth when they are courting a female. These rodents also have a popcorn routine that rivals Usher's break dancing.

Birds, too, are known for their swaying back and forth and feather displays to get the attention of a potential mate, especially well-known in peacocks. Some breeding aquatic turtle species practice a hand jive called titillation in which they vibrate their claws rapidly on the surface of the water.

As for Techno Chicken, we're not sure how his lady callers feel about his dance moves, but we are certainly impressed.

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Techno Chicken Busts Some Major Moves