Taylor Swift Rightly Scolds Her Cat for Waking Her up in the Middle of the Night

Posted by Tori Holmes
Meredith Grey Scottish Fold
@taylorswift / Instagram

If there's one thing you should know about Taylor Swift it's that she really loves her cats, but that doesn't mean she never gets annoyed with them.

A few days ago, Taylor posted a video on her Instagram that all cat owners could relate to. Her beloved Scottish Fold, Meredith Grey, decided to begin meowing for attention in the middle of the night.

To make things worse, Taylor was battling a cold and this little attention session was right before her big performance at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix.

Cat owners reading this are probably thinking to themselves, "well maybe she should just open her bedroom door and let them in so they quiet down." That would be a logical solution if Taylor's bedroom door wasn't already open.

That's right. Taylor's frustrated caption read: "The door isn't even closed, she's so irrational."

It appears that Meredith was simply yowling for attention, not with the goal of getting into Taylor's room but just demanding some affection.

Taylor may a celebrity, but when it comes to being a cat parent she has to deal with the same struggles we all do.

We hope you were able to get a few hours of shut-eye, Taylor!

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