When This Puppy Lost Her Vision, She Learned to Be Brave and Follow Her Heart

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Little Tatum got dropped off at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary with a head injury.

When Tatum first arrived, she was examined by a medical team. They found out that Tatum was experiencing slight vision loss due to her head injury. This vision loss explained her lack of confidence and shy behavior, despite being very strong and healthy.

Best Friends Animal Society is working with Tatum to build her confidence.

Tatum is being exposed to new sounds and smells to teach her to use and rely on senses other than sight. With lots of positive reinforcement, she's learning the basics!

Immersion therapy can be very helpful for dogs learning to use other senses after loss of sight or for rescue dogs that have been abused. Even non-rescue dogs sometimes have fears or a lack of confidence. Positive reinforcement and encouragement is key in getting these pups to feel safe and confident.

With all training it is important to know your canine's body language so you can better gauge how the training is going for the dog. A great sign is a confident tail wag like Tatum showed in the ball pit.

With perseverance and proper training, any dog can overcome fears just like little Tatum! It will take a lot of "good job!" encouragement and treats, but if you give them the time and patience to improve, you will not be disappointed.

To help dogs like Tatum, check out Best Friends Animal Society.

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When This Puppy Lost Her Vision, She Learned to Be Brave and Follow Her Heart