Tallest Cat in the World Uses His Celebrity to Help Cats in Need

Posted by Amber King

It's official - the world has a new famous feline.

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is a F2 Savannah cat living with his family in Farmington Hills, Michigan. While the first thing people notice about Arcturus is his striking coat pattern, it doesn't take long to realize he isn't your average cat. Standing approximately 20 inches tall at the shoulder, he's the tallest cat in the world. Not only that, he's the tallest pet cat that's ever lived.

While most domesticated male cats are between 8 and 10 inches tall, Arcturus' height makes him the equivalent of a 10-foot tall man. He's a hefty 30 pounds, but the two-year-old feline isn't overweight. Stealing food from the kitchen counter without leaving the ground is an easy feat, and he towers over his other feline family members.

Will and Lauren Powers took Arcturus home with them when he was a two-month-old kitten. He was slightly larger than his brothers and sisters, but they never expected their leopard-spotted cat to end up with a Guinness World Record.

Arcturus' record-breaking status was confirmed in 2016, and he now has his picture in the recently released Guinness Book of World Records 2018 edition. When he isnt' savoring his success as a world record breaker, Arcturus is a sweet cat with a loving personality. He loves to snuggle with his siblings and meet new people.

Will and Lauren have made Arcturus an ambassador for the Ferndale Cat Shelter, and he uses his fame to help raise money for cats in need. His fans come from all over to take pictures with him, and everything he does benefits the shelter.

Arcturus is bound to be one of the most famous cats in the country, but he's not the only impressive-looking feline in Will and Lauren's life. It seems breaking records runs in the family, as the couple's silver Maine Coon named Cygnus has the record for longest tail on a domesticated cat. Together with Sirius, the cats have over 3,600 followers on Instagram.

Join their ranks to keep up with their adorable adventures.

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Tallest Cat in the World Uses His Celebrity to Help Cats in Need