Brains Behind 'Pit Bulls and Parolees' Open up Dog-Friendly Bar in New Orleans

Posted by Amber King
Tayho Tavern in New Orleans
All images via Villalobos Rescue Center/Facebook and Tahyo Tavern/Facebook

There's nothing quite like having a beer with your best friend.

Thanks to a restaurant and bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans, dog owners can now treat their four-legged friends to a night out on the town. Tahyo Tavern opened in late 2016 by a pair of sisters best known for the TV show, "Pit Bulls and Parolees." Mariah Harmony and Tania Torres will officially celebrate the grand opening of Tahyo Tavern on Friday, January 13.


Their family rescue organization, Villalobos Rescue Center, was established by their mother in 2009. While focusing on providing care and finding homes for pit bulls, the shelter has another unique aspect. They provide ex-offenders on parole with stable jobs and opportunities to help animals in need.

The Animal Planet television series debuted in 2009. And when the organization moved to Louisiana in 2011, filming never stopped. The family of dog-lovers has since made a name for themselves in New Orleans, and Tahyo Tavern is an extension of their mission.


Proceeds from the restaurant go toward supporting their animal rescue efforts. Tahyo Tavern also serves as a meeting place for people interested in animal advocacy. People come with their dogs for the unique bonding experience, or they come to meet like-minded people for good conversation while enjoying even better food.

bowser dog beer

The name for the tavern comes from a Cajun term for hungry dog, and the kitchen pays homage to that tribute. They even serve up a menu of doggy snacks and drinks. And once they've filled their bellies, the canine customers can wash it down with a Bowser Beer, a nonalcoholic broth-based brew.

Each bottle of the dog beer features a picture of a specific dog from the Villalobos Rescue Center. The goal is to spread awareness and help those dogs get adopted.

Even the human drinks have something to do with dogs. When you order a Tatanka, for example, you'll get a Crown Royal-based cocktail named after the first pit bull to come through the rescue program.


Tahyo Tavern is a small space with all the charm and character associated with the French Quarter, but with a twist. An outdoor seating area complete with doggy dishes and an interior with dedicated doggy decor makes it the perfect date night for you and your best friend.

Will you be making a trip to Tahyo Tavern with your pooch? Let us know in the comments!

All images via Villalobos Rescue Center/Facebook and Tahyo Tavern/Facebook

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Brains Behind 'Pit Bulls and Parolees' Open up Dog-Friendly Bar in New Orleans