Take a Pun-Filled Tour of Animal Drama School Circa 1963

Posted by Mateja Lane
animal drama school

It's like herding cats around here. 

Training animals to act in films has been around, well, since 1963 and prior. This little documentary gives an inside look at a couple of trainers as they teach their animals how to do tricks for the stage and films.

And it is narrated in 1960's fashion which is always fun.

What puns.

"Now that is a real ham actor, always trying to hog the camera."

These performing actors are true four-legged professionals. The documentary follows trainers Jack Holmes of Cats' and Dogs' Drama School and Olivia Tate in Kent, England as they teach animals all kinds of tricks from jumping over fences, to doing the grocery shopping, to simply trusting and listening to humans.

From bunnies to foxes to crows, these animal trainers can tackle the most difficult projects and turn them into the stars they are.

Get a load of those catty actresses and who caught the doggo reference? Guess that term has been around longer than we thought. Herding cats is a tough job, but it's these trainers we have to thank for animal stars like Mr. Ed and the Border Collies in "Babe."

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Take a Pun-Filled Tour of Animal Drama School Circa 1963