How to Take the Perfect Pet Selfie

Posted by Allie Layos
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The perfect pet selfie is just a few simple tricks away.

Selfies have become an important part of our culture, so it's no wonder we want to share them with our pets. Corralling pets into a photo, however, can be quite challenging.

Here are a few tips to make the task a little bit easier.

Pose with your pet (instead of forcing them to pose with you).

This means if your dog is sitting, sit next to him. If your cat is lying on the couch, lean down to her level. It's a lot easier to change your own position than trying to force them to change theirs.

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Don't be above bribery.

Whether it's treats or toys, bribery works great for capturing a happy looking pet.

Try holding a treat in the same hand as your phone, or ordering a product like Pooch Selfie, a smartphone attachment that promises to help owners take the perfect selfie with their dog.

Use the right light.

For all photos -- selfies or not -- an hour or two before sunset provides the best lighting.

Even if you can't take your picture in this soft light, don't use flash unless you absolutely have to. It makes photos look harsh, and can give subjects a bad case of red eye.

Hold the phone at eye level.

Eye level or just above eye level is generally the most flattering angle for selfies, so start there and adjust as needed.

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Make it fast.

Being lightning fast is the key, because pets don't have a lot of patience for retakes. Open your camera app before you get into position with your pet, and be ready to click.

Give yourself options.

If you capture a bunch of photos, you're more likely to end up with at least one where you and your pet both look good, but pets don't like to stay still for long, so you'll have to do this quickly.

Try holding down the phone's exposure button so it takes rapid fire images, and then take your pick.

If you utilize these simple tips, you'll be a pet selfie expert in no time. Happy posing!

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How to Take the Perfect Pet Selfie