Take a Look at a Day in the Life of Reed Kessler

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be show jumping rider Reed Kessler, then you'll definitely want to check out this video. 

Reed Kessler lives a very unusual life. The youngest show jumper ever to compete at the Olympics at only 18 years of age, Kessler is a talented rider.

Kessler began riding when she was just six months old, and her parents, both equestrians, began Kessler Show Stables. Kessler Show Stables is present in both Kentucky and in the Netherlands, and Reed Kessler travels all over the world to compete.

So, what does the life of a show jumping rider look like? How do you keep yourself fit and healthy, and how do you prepare horses for competitions? The video below gives us a look into Reed Kessler's life.

You'll notice that Kessler begins her day at the gym, which is an important factor in staying fit enough to ride well. Riding is a highly athletic activity, and if you're not at the top of your game, your horse won't be, either.

If you want to ride your best, then being in the best physical shape will only help you. Whether you're heading to a major competition or just want to be a more effective rider, try to schedule regular workouts into your routine.

Working out doesn't have to mean heading to the gym. While working with a personal trainer can help you create a program which is ideal for improving your riding, there are also plenty of workouts that you can do on your own.

Think about taking up activities like running or swimming to improve your fitness level. And don't forget to include core strengthening exercises, like planking, so that you have the foundation you need in order to be strong in the saddle.

While Kessler's life certainly is unique, we can definitely learn from her routine and apply elements of it to improve our own riding.

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Take a Look at a Day in the Life of Reed Kessler