Oil Rig Dog Offshore
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Dog Rescued by Oil Rig Workers After Swimming More Than 135 Miles Offshore


How far can you swim? I'm not sure I could swim more than one lap! My dogs? They definitely couldn't make it more than a few miles! Their legs are so short! Well, this news is unimaginable. A dog was found swimming more than 135 miles from shore by workers on an oil rig crew in the Gulf of Thailand. The dog has been returned safely to land.

The dog was delivered by boat to the southern port of Songkhla and declared in good shape after being taken to the animal protection group Watchdog Thailand. The Associated Press reported,

"They saw the dog swimming toward the platform last Friday. He said they were lucky to spot it because if there had been waves it probably would not have been visible.

The dog made it to the platform, clinging to the support structure below deck without barking or whimpering, Vitisak wrote."

The crew managed to lower a rope and secure it around the dog's neck and haul it up.  Vitisak Payalaw, one of the crew members, shared this Facebook post following the rescue. That face! This dog must have slept for days.

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Posted by Vitisak Payalaw on Friday, April 19, 2019

Travel and Leisure tells us,

"The dog was taken in by a local charity, WATCHDOG THAILAND for treatment and rest after his harrowing journey. He was then transferred to an animal shelter in Thailand's Songkla province, where he was washed and fed."

Watch this video of what transpired after the rescue!

Can you imagine finding a dog swimming in the middle of the ocean? These oil rig workers must have been stunned! The water rescue itself is remarkable given the waves and circumstances.

The oil rig workers were part of the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production. We're so happy they were there!

One of the oil rig workers would like to take the dog found swimming to his home in northeast Thailand if the dog isn't claimed. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

We all read stories about how Newfoundland Dogs are such great swimmers but when it comes to survival any mixed breed will swim for miles to stay alive. Although we think this dog must have been in pretty good shape.

The workers named the rescue dog "Boonrod" which means survivor in Thai. The dog is about a year-old.

Can you imagine how far this dog had to swim? Please leave comments below and let us know what you think!


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