Swimming Cat Is Not Happy About Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Jason Sarna
Hurricane Harvey swimming cat
Photo by Scott Olson via People

Much-needed photo in a time of hardship.

With its 100+ mph winds and record-breaking rainfall, Hurricane Harvey has displaced thousands of people as well as pets in Houston and along the Gulf coast. Some are trying to maintain a positive mindset during the situation, but this cat is doing the opposite.

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The cat's face shows exactly what the animal feels like in this photo: grumpy and not at all happy about having to swim in the floodwater. Sure, the cat could have put on a more positive face which offers people a message of hope and inspiration during this time of tragedy, but like all lovable curmudgeons, this angry cat swimming to dry ground isn't having it.

Getty photographer Scott Olson was the man who captured the cat paddling through the water. All throughout the storm many photographers have been risking their lives to capture photos that speak to people and tell the story of Hurricane Harvey.

According to PEOPLE: "The feline has now become an online poster child for resilience, adapting to adversity with strength, resolve, and sass."

Some on social media are wondering what happened to the Texas cat found in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters:

With a face like that while swimming through dirty floodwaters on his way to dry land, this angry cat seems to know how to take care of itself. We wish this lovable grump, now dubbed Harvey cat, all the best.

Do you feel the same as this fed-up feline when it comes to Hurricane Harvey? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Swimming Cat Is Not Happy About Hurricane Harvey