These Sweet Cat Homecomings Will Make You Want to Leave and Come Back

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When their owners finally came home after being away for a long time, these cats are ecstatic to see them again. 

If you've ever taken a trip, a vacation, or headed off to college, then you know how enthusiastic cat homecomings can be. Your cat races to the door to greet you, or affectionately rubs himself against your legs. He purrs and meows and displays just how much he loves you.

But these cat homecomings are a step above all of the others. These cats adore their owners and have no qualms about showing off just how much they've missed them. Take a look at some of these adorable homecomings - you're sure to love this sweet video.

It's clear that cats can bond very closely with the special people in their lives. While some cats are more social than others, long periods of time apart from a favorite person can be stressful for a cat.

If you're planning a trip, there are a number of ways that you can make the separation as easy for your cat as possible. If you can, you might want to arrange for a pet sitter to come into your home to care for your cat while you're away, rather than bringing your cat to a boarding facility. Some cats handle boarding just fine, but others don't - the decision will really depend on your cat's character.

When you do leave your cat, be sure to leave him with a shirt or a blanket which smells like you. Being able to smell your familiar scent can help to reassure your cat while you're gone. Ensuring that there is someone around to provide your cat with plenty of attention can also make the separation period easier. And, of course, when you do return you'll know that your cat will be delighted at your homecoming.

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These Sweet Cat Homecomings Will Make You Want to Leave and Come Back