Heartbreaking Surveillance Video Shows The Moment 2 Dogs Are Abandoned by Jerk Owner

Posted by Christy Caplan
Surveillance Video Abandoned Dogs
Facebook: Mike Hancock

In North Carolina, a surveillance video shows what everyone hoped was a normal day in apet parent's life. At first, it appears that two dogs are along for a car ride and they must stop for a potty break! Unfortunately, this heart-wrenching video shows something quite different that should be categorized as animal neglect and abuse.

The video shows someone letting the dogs out in the middle of a road and driving away! You may need Kleenex or a swear jar while watching the video. Mike Hancock captured the video and posted to Facebook.

Hancock, the owner of the surveillance camera also told WCTI NewsChannel 12,

"To a dog, we're their entire life. You know, it broke my heart when she pulled away and the dogs ran after her."

We see stories like this all the time. "Man/Woman caught abandoning dog at humane society" is a headline that we see when we scroll through our feeds almost weekly.

The man interviewed talks about the crime he thinks best suits this individual and I agree that this is unacceptable and she should get prosecuted to the fullest.

News Channel 12 asked the local Onslow County Animal Services if they were investigating the case,

"They say if caught, the person responsible could face state and county charges of animal abandonment and neglect."

At Wide Open Pets we write a lot about animal cruelty cases but this one really got to us. How do you leave your dogs on the side of the road? Do pet owners assume their dogs will find a new home? We are so happy these two men posted the video on their Facebook page so this person can be found and face animal cruelty charges. Animal shelters frequently have dogs (and cats) left tied up to their front door which isn't any better than today's story but it's a reality.

It doesn't matter where you live, some of us are in California, Texas, Virginia, Dallas and Ohio and we hope stricter laws are passed for anyone neglecting or abusing their animals.

This heartbreaking story is a reminder to share what you see on social media and make folks accountable for their actions.

Can you imagine your parent leaving you in the middle of the street and driving away?

Please let us know if you agree with the two men interviewed and leave us a comment below.

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Heartbreaking Surveillance Video Shows The Moment 2 Dogs Are Abandoned by Jerk Owner