Surf Dog Ricochet Is Having an Adorable War with Elf on the Shelf

Posted by Amber King
surf dog ricochet and elf on the shelf

Surf Dog Ricochet may be world-famous for her incredible and out-of-the-box therapy work, but this surfing canine may just end up on the naughty list.

It's holiday tradition for parents to convince their children that once they name their very own Elf on the Shelf, he becomes endowed with magical powers. As the story goes, he spends the days leading up to Christmas informing the big man up North about everything going on.

But Surf Dog Ricochet isn't fooled. She knows that elf is nothing but a prankster set out to ruin her holiday, and she's determined to do something about it.

Surf dog ricochet wrapped up with elf on the shelf
Surf Dog Ricochet

In support of her annual Surfin' Santa Paws initiative, Ricochet is waging a hilarious battle against the slippery Christmas elf.

For the eighth year in a row, Ricochet and her human are participating in a Howliday Giving Drive. This year, they're focusing on their Waves of Empowerment Program and Operation Socialization.

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Waves of Empowerment gives those who have already surfed with Ricochet the opportunity to return the favor by working with other struggling veterans, children with special needs, and people with disabilities. It's all about "pawing it forward" by letting the helped become the helpers.

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Operation Socialization brings veterans suffering from PTSD together with young puppies training to be service dogs. The puppies need practice meeting as many new people as possible, and the veterans need a non-threatening interaction to help them overcome fear and anxiety. It's mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

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Ricochet and her pal, Rina, are collecting donations to help make both of these programs possible. But that pesky little elf keeps getting in their way.

Since the day Ricochet first jumped on a surfboard, she's been working with her human friends to raise money for more than 250 human/animal causes. Her current fundraising total is around $500,000, but she isn't done yet. As she works on eliminating her elf problem, she's asking all her friends to donate money to her cause this holiday season.

To learn more about Ricochet's work as the world's first surfing therapy dog, check out her website. While you're doing that, she'll be planning her next move against Santa's not-so-secret spy.

Keep up with Ricochet's fight to save Christmas by following her on Instagram and liking her on Facebook.

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Surf Dog Ricochet Is Having an Adorable War with Elf on the Shelf