"Superpower Dogs" Is a New Movie About the Lives of Rescue and Therapy Dogs

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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The movie "Superpower Dogs" will bring extraordinary dogs to life on huge IMAX screens. 

We're surrounded by extraordinary dogs, but we don't always see them. They're the dogs that perform search and rescue, save people from drowning, and otherwise risk their lives to help keep our own safe.

These superpower dogs train their whole lives to accomplish these incredible feats, but they often go unrecognized.

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But "Superpower Dogs" could change all of that. This movie seeks to showcase our extraordinary dogs, and it will be doing it on the big screen.

According to the movie's Indiegogo page, "SUPERPOWER DOGS is an epic 3D live action family adventure movie for IMAX® and giant screen theaters about extraordinary real life dogs who save lives, protect us from danger and make our world a better place."


The movie will utilize 3D cameras and computer graphics so that audiences may experience the world through the eyes, ears, and nose of a dog.

The movie will examine just how dogs get their "superpowers" and how they use these powers to help humans.

The movie plans to follow the adventures of Halo, a Dutch Shepherd puppy, as she trains to become a member of the Florida Urban Search and Rescue K9 Response Team.

You'll also meet other heroic dogs including the rescue dogs of the Canadian Rockies, Bloodhounds which protect animals from poachers in Africa, water rescue dogs, and a Golden Retriever who heals children by going surfing with them.


Sounds awesome, right? If you want to contribute to the creation of this movie, then consider donating through the movie's Indiegogo page. The project needs to earn about $50,000 to cover the filming and production costs.

Release is planned for Spring of 2018, though that is subject to change. Be sure to follow the movie's website for more updates on when you can see "Superpower Dogs" in theaters.

All images: Superpower Dogs via Indiegogo

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"Superpower Dogs" Is a New Movie About the Lives of Rescue and Therapy Dogs