Superpony and Young Rider Conquer a Course of Huge Jumps

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Palomino, fast as the wind, and with the ability to jump anything in her path? Who wouldn't love to ride this superpony? 

Meet superpony, also known as PARC Lolita. This incredible pony is Rhys Williams' partner in the show jumping ring. Rhys, 11, is an impressively talented young rider from Ireland. But if you ask us, his pony is just as talented - after all, just watch the pair tear around this course without ever coming close to hitting a fence. It's quite impressive!

Rhys and his superpony are clearly well-matched. The pony seems to anticipate her rider's every wish, making lightning-fast turns and finding the next fence with ease. And her jumping form - we love it! Tight knees, excellent timing, and clearing every fence with space to spare. It's just what you want in a show jumper.

Take a look as these two conquer another show jumping round.

Rhys was lucky enough to receive PARC Lolita as a Christmas present one year. He went out to the stable and found her in a stall. This lucky young rider took his new pony for a spin that very morning and found that she could jump the moon.

PARC Lolita is the kind of superpony that we all wanted as children. She's not at all phased by the fact that the fences she's jumping are taller than she is. It looks like she enjoys jumping just as much as her rider, and we'll bet that there is plenty more to be seen from this team.

Rhys is on his way to becoming a top show jumping rider, and this pony can clearly take him far in the show ring.

What do you think of this little team? Tell us in the comments below!

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Superpony and Young Rider Conquer a Course of Huge Jumps