FitBark Monitor: Track Your Dog's Everyday Activity

Posted by Ashley McElmurry

Yes, this is essentially a Fitbit for your dog. 

If you and your pup are an active duo, you might want something that tracks the amount of steps they're taking too.

The FitBark Monitor allows you to monitor your dog's everyday activity, making it easy for you to set health goals so your dog is in pawfect shape; and it's only $69.90.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

This fit monitor is great for keeping track of their behavior. You can notice if anything changes in their activity, rest times, and play time.

This will help you be prepared with possible questions or updates for your next trip to the vet!


You can also challenge your pup with other dog's stats. Your neighbor's dog is running just a bit more? Oh, not for long pal. The FitBark allows you to keep your dog active and healthy while also sharing memorable moments with your friends and family.

This monitor will help you make better decisions for your pet so you are both happy and healthy!

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