Super Bowl Champion Von Miller Has a Serious Love for Chickens

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According to Broncos pass-rusher Von Miller, chickens are "dope."

Von Miller plays football for Colorado but he's a Texas country boy at heart.

The Broncos pass-rusher says he started building coops when he was attending Texas A&M University. A Dallas native, Von Miller has more than just Southern twang that speaks of his country roots. The stocky Superbowl winner loves the farm life--especially when it's filled with feathered friends.

"Chicken Fred" S/O josh!

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When ESPN asked the football player what kind of life a chicken could expect to live on Miller Farms, Miller replied:

"... A long life, a lot of space, great food and you'll get along with your teammates... It's just a great environment, like a great organization that you want to play for. For example, they get to go out in the pasture in the afternoon and the morning."

Real talk!!! Lol the real deal.. ???

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The poultry are eating well on Miller's farm indeed. Miller said:

"...I like to bring them out to natural, solid grass, their natural setting in which they're picking up worms rather than the litter and the dirt we have in the coop."

Miller concedes that making a profit is important for the commercial aspect of his business, but his heart isn't in it for the money. For this tough guy, it's all about "happy, humanely raised chickens."

Green eggs and ham anyone? ??

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He says he doesn't eat his hens but he does consume the eggs. Miller even believes there's a distinct difference between the taste of his chickens' eggs and any store-bought eggs.

Right now, the farm has 10 chickens, with Miller's mother and brother lending a hand with the fowl, too.

According to Miller, each chicken has its own personality, and the rooster, named Peyton, has no qualms about showing he is the head honcho.

Miller is in the works to obtain a commercial farm where he hopes to sell "happy, healthy birds."

In case you were doubting how passionate this muscled man is about chickens, follow him on Instagram @vonmiller.

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Super Bowl Champion Von Miller Has a Serious Love for Chickens