Sunflower Farm Goats Play an Adorable Game of King of the Hill

Posted by Stacey Venzel

The goats at Sunflower Farm Creamery are at it again, this time capturing our hearts as they stomp on their rock playground.

Goats never seem to stop entertaining us, especially when they're young and just learning their capabilities. The kids at Sunflower Farm Creamery are no exception.

The Maine farm raises Nigerian dwarf goats, using their milk to make local cheese. Birthing season is expected to end on May 19 this year. With 18 pregnant goats, the barnyard has already seen a number of head-butting caprines running around the yard.

The newest SFC initiates were caught on camera adapting to life outside the womb quite well. Watch as they frolic, headbutt, and baahhh on their mini mountain:

One goat seems to win the title of king of the hill. We're quite appreciative of the clip of two sprinting goats, too--as if we could love this video any more.

The goats made a name for themselves when a video of the furry kids in pajamas went viral. (Our hearts are sure to swoon anytime an animal is in costume.) SFC has since posted a number of videos of animal life on the farm.

All of the goats at SFC are named. The babies are adopted out, and usually spoken for before they are even born! There's already a waiting list for the kids of 2017.

Enrichment is important for all pets, but it doesn't have to be an elaborate playground. A remote control car chase through the pasture stimulates and exercises cows... and turtles. Human interaction enriches animal lives, too. Even utilizing natural tools and skills can keep your pet's mind bright.

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Sunflower Farm Goats Play an Adorable Game of King of the Hill