Hurtta's Sun & Bug Blocker Protects Your Pooch from the Elements

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Dusty Desert Dogs

Just because your dog is another species, doesn't mean he is impervious to sunburn.

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to sunburn and mosquito bites. They can get skin cancer and bug-transferred illnesses. In the summer, especially if you live in warm climates, sun protection is essential for your pet's health.

Hurtta is a Finnish company specializing in outdoor gear for pets, including leashes, collars, and backpacks for hunting and working dogs. They launched the Sun & Bug Blocker in 2016 at the Global Pet Expo, where it made an instant splash.

The Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker


The Sun & Bug blocker offers full-body protection against mosquitoes and horseflies. It covers some of the most vulnerable areas, including the delicate skin of the belly and deters pests from landing on or biting your dog.

It is specifically designed for working dogs, so it is a breathable material that will not cause your pet to overheat.

Sun Protection

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One of the Sun & Bug Blocker's most unique features is its sun protection. It protects dogs from harmful UV radiation with an SPF rating of 40+. Even if it becomes soiled, it maintains its properties after over 100 washes.

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Bite Prevention

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Dusty Desert Dogs

The suit is useful in preventing bug-transmitted illnesses, including heartworms. A heartworm infestation is a condition spread by mosquitoes and, if left untreated, can be life-threatening. Once a dog has been bitten by an infected mosquito, it can take up to seven months for the larvae to become adult heartworms. Once they mature, they can lodge themselves into the dog's heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

Heartworms are treatable, but the medical procedures are expensive. Treatment requires multiple injections of a solution and can cost over $1,000. Preventing heartworms from taking hold in the first place is the most cost-effective method of protecting your pet.


One of the drawbacks to the Sun & Bug Blocker is its unique design; it completely covers the dog's body, but that means it will be very difficult to get on for most pet owners. For dogs who hate wearing clothing, it may be very hard to convince them to tolerate it.

For owners who enjoy outdoor adventures with their pets, the Sun & Bug Blocker can be a useful tool to keep dogs safe and comfortable with sun protection and bug repelling properties.

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Hurtta's Sun & Bug Blocker Protects Your Pooch from the Elements