Success in China Leads to a Sequel for 'A Dog's Purpose'

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A Dog's Purpose
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American animal lovers have Chinese pet owners to thank for a sequel to "A Dog's Purpose."

The January premiere of the Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad movie was overshadowed by controversy that lead to a less-than-stellar domestic opening. It brought in a measly $64 million from stateside theaters, but success with the Chinese box office made up for the missing revenue.

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Posted by A Dog's Purpose on Thursday, February 16, 2017

A small investor took the initiative to target the growing middle-class population of Chinese pet owners. The marketing technique was a success, and $88 million was earned in China. After launching the film into the only success it's seen worldwide, Chinese movie-goers are getting the thanks they deserve.

Amblin Entertainment has announced a sequel for "A Dog's Purpose" that "will keep Chinese audiences in mind."

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What exactly that means is unclear, and it's an unexpected turn considering the original movie relies heavily on commonplace Americana. There's an even bigger question based on the fact that the book in which the movie is based off of already has a sequel.

It's called "A Dog's Journey" and follows the same "home grown American" theme as its predecessor. From growing up in classic 1960s America to dealing with modern struggles, "A Dog's Purpose" is a moving portrait of American history and lifestyle.

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Posted by A Dog's Purpose on Monday, March 27, 2017

The sequel has no release date as of yet, and it's not confirmed whether or not Josh Gad or Dennis Quaid will be a part of it. Other films, including "Now You See Me 2" have gone through similar transitions with varying rates of success.

"Now You See Me 2" had a healthy premiere in the U.S., but there's speculation about whether "A Dog's Purpose 2" will be advertised to American audiences. While the original film saw national headlines, "A Dog's Purpose 2" could slip by without Americans noticing.

The plan is to give the Chinese audience what they want, and there's no word whether the American population that greatly ignored the original will be involved. Regardless of nationality, fans of the movie and the book can prepare for another heart-wrenching tale of man's best friend.

Would you be interested in a sequel to A Dog's Purpose? Let us know in the comments.

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Success in China Leads to a Sequel for 'A Dog's Purpose'