Stubborn Golden Retriever Gains an Audience When He Refuses to Leave the Park

Posted by Amber King
stubborn golden retriever refuses to leave park
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Lucky bystanders in Queensland, Australia were treated to an entertaining show when a stubborn Golden Retriever didn't want to leave the park.

Kristen Bohlsen was enjoying a sunny Sunday along Australia's Gold Coast when a desperate dog owner's attempts to get his pup moving caught her attention. The man was walking with his Golden Retriever through the park when the fluffy pup suddenly decided he didn't like where he was headed.

The dog stops in the middle of the walkway and eventually ends up flat on his back with his four legs splayed in the air. He lays there in complete defiance to everything his owner says and does to get him moving. The man tries coaxing him with kindness and pulling on the leash, but the dog is determined to extend his time in the park for as long as possible.

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Posted by Kristen Bohlsen on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Like any exasperated dad, the dog owner eventually resorts to threats. He unclips the dog's leash and walks away. This unexpected move finally gets the dog's attention, but right when it looks like the show is over, the canny canine grows wise to the trick. He flops back down and refuses to budge with even more vehemence than round one.

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The entire time this is going on, the crowds of people picnicking in the grass can't help but enjoy the show. One man shouts out,

"Excuse me sire, I think your dog's broken."

As the dog owner's patience wears thin, he gives the old "pretend to leave you behind" trick one more try. This time, the dog either falls for it or decides he better move before he gets into any more trouble. He reluctantly trots along, but not before taking his time satisfying an itch and giving one more glance back to his adoring fans.

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Stubborn Golden Retriever Gains an Audience When He Refuses to Leave the Park