Artist Features Country Music's Favorite Dog in Nashville Pothole Artwork

Posted by Amber King
Images provided by Caitlin Davis/Marbaloo Marketing

The streets of Nashville just got a whole lot cooler.

Renowned mosaic artist Jim Bachor is famous for making the streets of Chicago a little more interesting. Where most people see potholes, Bachor sees the perfect canvas.

His mosaic art pieces are found in secret spaces across Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, and the artist recently took a trip to Nashville, the country music capital, to share the love.

Brett Eldredge and his dog

One of Bachor's latest creations celebrates the special relationship between two of the city's favorite residents. Brett Eldredge and his Vizla/Weimaraner mix named Edgar are inseparable best buddies. One-year-old Edgar follows his famous dog dad to concert venues, through screaming crowds of fans, and spending time in the studio is one of his favorite things to do.

Eldredge recently released his third studio album, and Bachor dedicated three new mosaic potholes to the accomplishment. They're scattered throughout Nashville, and the best one is a portrait of the one and only Edgar.

Brett Eldredge's dog looking at street art

After its completion, Brett and Edgar took a special trip to the spot to see the street art for themselves. From the pictures, it looks like Bachor's work is Edgar-approved. True to style, Bachor crafted the pup's portrait from colorful pieces of stone and glass. The picture is set in a pothole on the side of the road where it gives passerby an unexpected reason to stop and appreciate their surroundings.

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Brett's calling his new self-titled album his "most authentic yet," and the sweet country sounds are already winning over fans. Buy it or stream it via Brett's website to hear it for yourself. You can also check out Jim Bachor's website for a map of where to find his pothole artwork.

What do you think of Edgar's street art? Let us know in the comments.

Images provided by Caitlin Davis/Marbaloo Marketing

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Artist Features Country Music's Favorite Dog in Nashville Pothole Artwork