Stray Dog Collapses in Backyard...and Then Help Arrives

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When Hope For Paws Animal Rescue received a call about a stray dog that had collapsed in someone's backyard, rescuers wasted no time responding to the call.

Hope For Paws Animal Rescue founder, Eldad Hagar, and volunteer, Loreta Frankonyte, arrived at the house where a woman directed them to the backyard and claimed the dog had a broken paw.

Hagar and Frankonyte found the dog lying on a mat. He seemed happy to see his rescuers arrive but was clearly in need of immediate medical attention.

The dog was in a great deal of pain and bared his teeth when they first tried to move him. Eventually, they were able to fashion a makeshift gurney out of a blanket and load the dog, whom they named Milo, into the car.

Hagar and Frankonyte rushed Milo to a veterinary hospital where he was examined and his paw was x-rayed. The x-ray revealed that nothing was broken, but he had a serious infection that was likely the result of a bite wound.

After some pain meds, antibiotics, and a bath, Milo was feeling much better.

Check out Milo's amazing rescue in the video below:

After a long recovery, Milo found a wonderful forever home! He is a cherished member of his new family and has an important job: keeping his older sister, Grace, young at heart.

To learn more about Hope For Paws and find out how you can help save more lives like Milo's, click here.

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Stray Dog Collapses in Backyard...and Then Help Arrives