Accident to Adoption: ER Doctor Gives Stray Cat CPR Then Names Her Miracle

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This stray cat was rescued by an ER doctor in more ways than one. 

Last Friday was both the worst and the best day of a stray cat's life when he was injured by a revolving door in the entrance to the ?-zel Akgün Tem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

He chose to wander into the hospital at the worst possible moment -- just as a man was leaving. The man didn't notice the small white creature, and inadvertently pinched him between the glass panel and door jamb.

Haber Turk

Though the man stopped immediately, the cat was already injured. Surveillance video footage shows the cat writhing in pain as people rushed to try and help him.

Halil Akyürek, one of the hospital's emergency room doctors, was among the people who ran to his aid.

"The cat's neck was totally stuck," Akyürek said in an interview with Haber Turk.

"He was struggling and having trouble breathing. I put my hand on the back of his head and properly removed him from the door. We immediately began CPR."

Akyürek massaged the cat's heart in an effort to bring him back to life.

Later, as the cat was rushed inside and given oxygen, Akyürek consulted with a veterinarian to find out what medicines the cat needed and how to administer them.

Though he was near the point of death when rescued from the door, the cat actually improved quickly, prompting his rescuers, Akyürek included, to give him the very appropriate name "Miracle."

But his recovery wasn't the only miracle that happened that day. After the incident, Akyürek decided to adopt the stray cat, giving him a new lease on life in more ways than one.

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Accident to Adoption: ER Doctor Gives Stray Cat CPR Then Names Her Miracle