Strange Cat Facts: Why Does Your Cat Sleep on Your Head?

Posted by Kat Tretina
why does my cat sleep on my head

Cats are notoriously quirky, and one of oddest things they do is sleep on their owners' heads. 

Does your cat sneak into your room at night to make a bed on top of your head? You may wonder why they aren't content with just cuddling next to you, but it actually makes sense once you break it down.

While you may think your cat has evilly plotted against you, it's actually very normal.

But why my head?

why does my cat sleep on my head

If you think about it from a feline's point of view, it sort of makes sense: your head is warm and that makes it a soothing place to rest. A strange cat fact is that their body temperature is 102 degrees, and they need to maintain that temperature for proper basal metabolism, so they often seek out heat sources to help out.

While your mid-section may also be warm, if you toss or turn in your sleep, you're likely to bump or squish the cat, so he may choose to sleep on your head for added warmth and safety.

Other Strange Cat Facts

why does my cat sleep on my head

Cats are also very scent-driven, and because of the increased heat from your head and your hair, that is often where your scent is strongest. In an affectionate way, they want to get closer to your head because the smell is reassuring and comforting, giving them a sense of safety.

And while it may not be pleasant to wake up to your kitty's bum in your face, it's actually an intense sign of trust. Cats do not show their backsides to what they feel are threats; they will only turn away from creatures they trust, so by sleeping with their back to you, they are demonstrating how much they trust you.

If waking up with a cat on your head is disruptive to your sleep, you can try using a hot water bottle and placing it on the pillow next to you. Your cat may find it warm enough to lay on, while still be close to you, so it could be a good compromise.

Does your cat sleep on your head? Tell us what you do in the comments below!

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Strange Cat Facts: Why Does Your Cat Sleep on Your Head?