Storm Chaser Finds Lost Dog in Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Jason Sarna
storm chaser and dog

This man will not let Hurricane Harvey stop him from finding this dog's owner.

While driving back to Austin from Victoria, Texas, storm chaser Aaron Jayjack, picked up a four-legged passenger.

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According to Jayjack, the dog jumped into his car while he was stopped for gas in Runge, Texas. He went to Twitter and posted a video in hopes that it would help find the dog's owner.

No more than a few hours later, Jayjack tracked down the owner of the dog, whose name is Cash.

Watch the reunion of Cash and his owner below:

Amazingly, this all occurred on National Dog Day, an annual holiday founded in 2004 to celebrate dogs and inspire people to adopt animals in need.

While Cash's story has a happy ending, Hurricane Harvey continues its destruction throughout Texas. For information on how to help those in need, click here.

Have you ever found a lost dog? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Storm Chaser Finds Lost Dog in Hurricane Harvey