Stolen Truck Found With the Family Dog Alive Inside of It

Posted by Krissy Howard
dog in stolen car

A family's truck that was stolen three days ago was recovered and returned to them with the best surprise inside - their beloved dog, alive and well.

A California family's search for their missing dog ended after three days, a police chase, and a major volunteer effort on behalf of their community, according to a Fox 40 report.

Truckee resident Carolyn Hamilton said that the ordeal began when her truck was stolen from her driveway as the family prepared for an outing. Loading up the vehicle with supplies, their Dodge Ram was carjacked while their back was turned - their six-year-old dog Albus was already seated inside the truck.

"We just put him in the truck in our driveway, came back in to say goodbye, and literally turned around and the truck was gone," Hamilton told the news outlet.

Police chased the stolen vehicle down a local highway that evening but stopped pursuit after deeming the situation "too dangerous" to continue.

With no eyes on the truck or Albus, the Hamiltons and a team of volunteers searched the Truckee/Reno area for three days in search of their four-legged family member.

Hamilton said:

"There was some hope in it, and some urgency. And I think that's a magical equation."

Finally, three days after Albus and the vehicle were taken, police found the truck abandoned in a Reno neighborhood. Inside the truck, Albus was found alive, although weak and very dehydrated having spent what was assumed to be three days and nights inside the vehicle, which could have been deadly if temperatures reached high or low enough.

Despite all he's been through, Albus is believed to be healthy and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Stolen Truck Found With the Family Dog Alive Inside of It