Starving Rescue Donkey Has Cutest Baby Who Needs a Name

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newborn rescue donkey
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When Lottie was rescued last fall, she was emaciated and weak, but she was also keeping a big secret.

Flicka Foundation in Penryn, Cornwall is dedicated to saving the abused, abandoned, and mistreated donkeys of the UK. Their facility currently holds about 100 rescue donkeys, and the group recently grew by one adorable baby.

Forced to give vacationers rides on a hot beach, Lottie was in poor condition when she was finally taken in by Flicka Foundation. She was extremely skinny, and dying of starvation was a serious possibility. But thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers at Flicka Foundation, the former working animal fought her way back to health.

Posted by The Flicka Foundation on Friday, July 21, 2017

Lottie was thriving within the safety and comfort of the Flicka Foundation barn, and as she recovered, her rescuers started to suspect she was pregnant.

Flicka Foundation has a strict no breeding policy and takes careful precautions to prevent unexpected births, but by the time Lottie was rescued, she was already with foal. Donkeys have a gestation period of about 14 months, and it took several weeks for the previously starved donkey to show signs of pregnancy.

Time for sleep...........<3 <3 <3

Posted by The Flicka Foundation on Friday, July 21, 2017

As her pregnancy advanced and she continued to put on weight, however, it was impossible to ignore the fact that Lottie was soon going to be a mother. Staff and volunteers rallied around the expectant mother, and everyone welcomed a newborn donkey into the Flicka family this week. a tiny bit more 'foal overdose'....Night night world, it's tiring being born...........<3 <3 <3

Posted by The Flicka Foundation on Friday, July 21, 2017


Considering Lottie's health when she was first rescued, her normal, healthy birth was a miracle. The newborn male is strong and lively, and Lottie is proving to be a caring and attentive mother. Rescuers suspect Lottie was once used by a breeder, and she has most likely had several babies taken away from her and sold for profit. But this time around, things will be different. Lottie and her currently nameless foal will live in safety and comfort.

The baby has been checked by the vet and is doing well, but the little guy is still in need of a name. Flicka Foundation is hosting a naming competition to give their supporters a chance to help name their newest addition. Visit their Facebook page to enter your suggestion.

Lottie and her new born delighted our visitors yesterday when Lottie brought the little chap out of the barn to show him...

Posted by The Flicka Foundation on Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Thanks to a hard-working team of rescuers, Lottie's foal will never have to endure the pain and hardship she was put through. Help Flicka Foundation care for this new family and countless other donkeys by learning more about them on their website.

What do you think Lottie's foal's name should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Starving Rescue Donkey Has Cutest Baby Who Needs a Name