Pair of dogs dressed up like Star Wars characters.

"May The Fourth" Be With These Adorable Star Wars Dogs


Do you think your four-legged Star Wars fan could pull off these looks?

Our pups have to put up with us dressing them in dog costumes for various holidays. If you are a Star Wars fan, your dog automatically is one, too! One of the joys of being a pet owner is the sheer amount of ways to dress your pup up.

If you don't want to go for a complete dog costume, you can always opt for a themed dog collar, bandana, or even a cute character dog hoodie. Here is some adorable inspiration if you have always dreamed of dressing your dog up as your favorite character.

1. Perfect Princess Leia Star Wars Dog Hat

This good boy is rocking his Princess Leia buns in the form of a stylish hat with an under the chin strap.


2. Fuzzy Chewbacca Dog Costume

This pup looks ready to take on the stormtroopers in his Chewbacca costume.

3. Fierce Jedi Pup

This pup looks as confident as Obi-wan Kenobi getting ready to train Anakin. I think the force is strong with this one.

4. Best Luke Skywalker Dog

?Showing firm resolve is Skywalker's strong suit, and this pup pulls it off perfectly. He looks ready to team up with Lando to take down Jabba the Hutt. Either that or he's contemplating if he is brave enough to drink some bantha milk...


5. Super Star Wars R2-D2

This pup looks so cute in his r2-d2 dog costume as he takes a well-deserved break after a long ride in an x-wing.

6. We'll Take This Star Wars Darth Vader Anywhere!

This Darth Vader is almost too adorable to be working for the dark side. This leader of the sith definitely needs some treats.

7. Almost As Cute As Baby Yoda Himself

Straight out of the Mandalorian, doggy Yoda does not need to use the force to get our attention. He looks pretty confident wielding his tiny lightsaber. Bounty hunters better watch out if they plan on catching this small dog.

8. BB8 Droid Pup Is On A Roll

Move over c-3po. This puppy BB8 is rolling through, ready to chase a porg or two in between collecting information for the rebel alliance.


9. Cutest Sleepy Rebel Pilot

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This rebel alliance pilot takes a well-deserved nap after a long day of trying to save the galaxy. Cutest Star Wars dog ever!

Are There Dogs in Star Wars?

Die-hard Star Wars fans may already know this answer- there are six different types of dogs in the Star Wars galaxy. However, they are not your typical fluffy, cute lap dog. Most of them look akin to something like a monster. The six Star Wars "dogs" are the Barghest, Charhound, Corellian hound, Loth-wolf, Massiff, and Vulptex.

You may remember the sparkling Volptex from The Last Jedi while the Corellian Hound can be seen in Han Solo's origin movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.


What Dog Breed Looks Like An Ewok?

While using a dog costume is one way to get a Star Wars dog, there are a few breeds that naturally look like some of your favorite furry characters.

The Brussels Griffon dog breed was actually George Lucas' inspiration for the lovable but fierce Ewoks.  If you are looking for your very own Ewok, look at Bichon Frises, Border Terriers, Lhasa Apso, or a Pekingese. The other breeds can be seen in Star Wars Rebels and even in Clone Wars.

What Kind of Dog Does Your Favorite Jedi Have?

The actors who played the beloved characters in Disney's Star Wars franchise have become synonymous with the brand, some leaning into it more than others.

Mark Hamil has always fully embraced his Luke Skywalker persona, even posting funny memes for #maythe4th, which one year he carried out the theme for the entire month of May. Recently, Hamil brought home a rescue dog, which he named Molly Mae. His new pup joins his other two rescue mutts. The other two dog names are Millie and Mabel. Millie is a mix of a chihuahua, dachshund, spaniel, and shih tzu.


Is It Safe To Dye Your Dogs Fur?

Many pet owners want to have the perfect Yoda dog look for their pup. To get the right look, many pet owners resort to using a dye on their dog's fur. While many people have mixed feelings about dying a pet's fur, some pet-safe fur dyes are available.

Make sure to test a section of your pet's fur and wait 24 hours before applying the dye to the rest of your dog. Never dye pets like cats, mice, rats, or chinchillas as it can be harmful to them.

If your pup is not a fan of grooming, you may want to skip the process altogether as it may stress them out.

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