Squirrel Hanging on Screen Door Drives House Cat Crazy

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This fearless squirrel seems to know that he's protected by glass, and that he's clearly torturing the indoor cat on the other side. 

The plight of the indoor-only cat: When wild animals come right up to the house windows but they can't get to them. Cats are natural predators, and animals like squirrels, birds, and mice can be all too tempting. From climbing up a window screen to pawing at the door, cats will do just about anything when animals approach the home.

The cat in this video actually seems quite patient, especially considering that this bold squirrel is unusually up close and personal. Luckily for the squirrel, the closed glass door keeps him safe.

Take a look at this squirrel's unusual antics and fearless attitude.

Does your indoor cat seem to yearn for the outdoors? There are many things that you can do to help keep your indoor cat exercised and entertained. Get your cat some fun, interactive cat toys which can help to satisfy his natural predatory instincts. You can also hide cat treats around the home for a fun game of hide and seek, much like your cat would track prey in the wild.

Your indoor cat will also need some encouragement to help keep him fit. Play with your cat on a daily basis to keep him active. You can also provide your cat with items like cat trees and scratching posts so that he can climb and satisfy his instinct to scratch without destroying your carpeting.

Finally, some cat owners like to take their cats outside on leashes. If you plan to do this, then make sure that you choose a leash and harness which fits your cat well. Spend plenty of time getting your cat used to walking on a leash indoors, since he may be nervous when you take him outdoors and he is confined.

When it's time to take your cat outdoors, start with small trips just onto the porch until he gets used to his surroundings. Be sure to always keep an eye out for potential predators, like dogs or hawks, when you have your cat outside.

Even if your cat needs to live indoors, he can still have an interesting and fulfilling life.

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Squirrel Hanging on Screen Door Drives House Cat Crazy