Spotted: Texas Family Crossing Street Complete with a Leashed Pony

Posted by Mateja Lane
family in texas

Well, ain't this the most Texan. 

Reddit user Cydoniagenesis shared a photo that a friend snapped of a family crossing the street in Austin, Texas.

The family is crossing the street, which Redditers are quick to point out against a red light, to wherever they're going (maybe summer camp?) using the most Texas mode of transportation: a mini pony.

Spotted by a buddy of mine this morning. Moments like this, to me, are the essence of this city. from Austin

The mom and the little boy lead their pet mini horse, who's giving a ride to the older sister in flip flops. If that doesn't make people nostalgic for the Texas good 'ol days, what will?

The little girl definitely looks like she's around that stubborn age where she isn't going anywhere unless it's on her terms. And if she is going to walk to camp, she's doing it on her flip flops. (Which is not advisable around hooves.)

Many of the comments on the post consist of how this is what Austin looked like back in the day, before the tech/hipster invasion. There are also some jokes that this is the new Uber in ATX, and that the kid should be wearing a seatbelt.

But at the end of the day, everyone appreciated this glimpse into a more country version of Austin than it is today and another way the city likes to keep it weird.

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Spotted: Texas Family Crossing Street Complete with a Leashed Pony