SPCA Warns Cat Owners Living in Highrises to Protect Their Felines

Posted by Amber King

After receiving an influx of injured felines, SPCA warns cat owners of the dangers of highrises.

Cats are stealthy on their feet and known for having excellent balance, but pet owners should never expect them to land on their feet after falling from extreme heights.

In the last two weeks, the BC SPCA in Vancouver, Canada has reportedly taken in four cats who were seriously injured after falling from highrise balconies. Two of the cats couldn't be saved.

black and white cat on fence

Vancouver SPCA branch manager Jodi Dunlop said in a statement;

"People assume cats have wonderful balance, but all it takes is an unexpected gust of wind or a sudden noise to spook a cat for and for a potentially fatal fall to occur."

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One of the cats brought to the SPCA is a three-month-old Himalayan named Roger Moore. The kitten was out exploring 26 stories above the ground when he fell. He has a broken front leg and trauma to two vertebrae, but veterinarians are hopeful for his survival. Dunlop said;

"He purrs non-stop and loves everyone! Apparently, he thinks he's a stunt kitten though. He loves to cuddle and will be available for adoption when he has recovered. He's lucky to be alive!"

kitten with broken leg

Little Roger Moore was extremely lucky, and unfortunately, countless cats living in highrise apartments don't survive the fall. The SPCA urges cat owners to think twice before letting kitty out onto the balcony. Elevated outdoor areas should be fully enclosed to prevent curious cats from slipping between bars or falling off railings. Pet cats should also never be left alone while exploring in the great outdoors.

The medical bill for Roger Moore's care is expected to be more than $5,000. If you can help this lucky cat recover, consider donating to the Vancouver SPCA.

Do you know a cat that's fallen from a balcony? Let us know in the comments below.

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SPCA Warns Cat Owners Living in Highrises to Protect Their Felines